Stompies 2016: The Promos

Some people are natural talkers. You know the types – they walk into a room, people hang on their every word and they know how to spin a yarn. Others are just not.

In part 2 of our end-of-year awards, we present the Stompies for Best and Worst Promo of the year (1 December – 30 November). Enjoy, and be grateful that for every Kalisto, there’s a Mike Mizanin.

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Best Promo

The Miz talks smack on Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is grateful

Kris Wolf wants delicious meat (Stardom)

Brian Kendrick – ‘Without wrestling, I’m just living’

It’s hard to find an easy link to the full, unedited version of this promo, but try round about the 43:10 mark here.

Mike Quackenbush calls out Johnny Kidd (Chikara)

Worst Promo

Kalisto – ‘A good… lucha… thing…’ (WWE)

Sasha’s fake retirement speech

Another one where we struggled to find a non-dodgy, non-edited video. Try around the 1:25 mark here.

Paul Heyman tries to talk over Brock Lesnar fans and fails (WWE)

Titus O’Neil – ‘Make it a win’ (WWE)

 Brian Kendrick – ‘Throw the match’ (WWE)

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