Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 14 Show Notes

We’re here. With the two semi-finals and the grand final of the V*TOP tournament, we’ve reached the final regular episode of Big Egg Podcasting Universe. 

There’ll be one more episode coming soon where we look at the legacy of the biggest show in women’s wrestling history and book our own fantasy 2023 supercards. But for now, here’s our final match-by-match analysis of AJW Doumu Super Woman Great War Big Egg Wrestling Universe, which ends with the question “Is this show actually good?”

Where to watch

Semi-final: Akira Hokuto vs Combat Toyoda

Semi-final: Aja Kong vs Dynamite Kansai

V*TOP Tournament final: Aja Kong vs Akira Hokuto

Eddie Kingston backfists CM Punk

Aja Kong vs Dynamite Kansai starts with a huge uraken: Kong’s trademark spinning backfist. Noted lover of 90s puro Eddie Kingston used a similar trick in his match against CM Punk at Full Gear in 2021 – watching Punk’s soul leave his body before the bell had even rung.

Kansai’s run with the Red Belt

In this episode we mention that Dynamite Kansai eventually won the WWWA title from Aja Kong in 1995. That’s true, but we didn’t mention that it came after Kong’s three-year reign ended at the hands of one Manami Toyota and Kong swiftly won the title back. Kansai was the next person to take the red belt and run with it, until Toyota finally worked her way to a longer run with the title.

After 1,000 days of Bull Nakano followed by an endless Aja Kong run, this must have felt like chaos – especially with Kansai taking AJW’s title back to her home promotion, JWP.

All of this happened during the course of 1995 and you will be shocked to learn that all of the matches are bangers.

Watch Aja Kong vs Manami Toyota (26/3/95) – where Toyota wins the title

Watch Manami Toyota vs Aja Kong (27/6/95) – where Kong retrieves the championship

Watch Aja Kong vs Dynamite Kansai (30/8/1995)

Watch Dynamite Kansai vs Manami Toyota (4/12/1995)


Draw, Lose or Draw

When David’s not watching wrestling he’s watching Partick Thistle. As an indication of how well this usually goes for him and all fans of Glasgow’s third football team, he works on the official fan podcast which is called Draw, Lose or Draw. 

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Tennents’ Sixes

This special documentary edition of Draw, Lose or Draw is a deep dive into Partick Thistle’s amazing run in the 1993 Tennents’ Sixes tournament – an indoor six-a-side tournament at Glasgow’s SECC.

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