Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 13 Show Notes

Where to watch

Aja Kong vs Manami Toyota

Kyoko Inoue vs Dynamite Kansai

Aja Kong on the PPP

We did a deep dive on Aja Kong’s career and marquee matches a few years ago on a special episode of the Puro Pourri Podcast, ahead of her UK debut.

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When Aja met Raku

Kong’s most recent appearances with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling have almost entirely revolved around mixing it up with Raku, the bonnet-wearing, train-loving Up Up Girl. They are absolutely delightful together, although so far we have not been able to confirm whether Kong has her own personal Train of the Day.

Watch them together on Reddit

Manami Toyota’s Cagematch ratings

Toyota is one of those rare performers upon whose greatness virtually everyone agrees. Virtually everyone.

Browse them yourself on Cagematch

Indiana Jones brings a gun to a sword fight

I spent a lot of time telling the story of how Indiana Jones was meant to fight a goon with a whip in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Harrison Ford had a bit of a stomach bug and decided Indy should shoot him instead. I was, of course, misremembering the details – the goon has a sword, and Indy was supposed to use his own whip – but the rest is absolutely true.

Read the full story and watch the clip at The Hollywood Reporter

The devastating Banzai Drop

Many of the world’s finest exponents of the sport we call Human Conkers can pull out a horrifying Banzai Drop. Ryota Hama, David’s personal hero, is near the top of the list. It’s difficult to find clips of him specifically outside of the streaming services and you would not believe the filth that exists on the internet if you are searching for a large man jumping on another man, so please enjoy this cracking example of the move courtesy of Yokozuna.

Double Inoue, 100th Champions

Takako and Kyoko Inoue vacated the WWWA tag titles as the 99th champions so they could enter the tournament to become the 100th champions – so why do some listings present them as the 100th and 101st champions? The difference seems to be whether Jumbo Miyamoto and Kyo Aiko are counted as the inaugural champions, having vacated the titles on the day they won them. Let us know if you’ve got any additional insight!

Read the lineage of the WWWA Tag Team Championships

Roman Reigns’ Splash Mountain

Dynamite Kansai’s Splash Mountain is a work of art. Here’s the Big Dog doing one of the best on the market today.

The Riot of Spring

As George mentioned, the 1913 Paris premier of Igor Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ both managed to repel Camille Saint-Saëns – who was horrified by the pitch of the bassoon – and stir a riot among the audience. Imagine how they’d have reacted if Cena had gone over in the main event.

Read more at The Guardian


Draw, Lose or Draw

It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks for Partick Thistle. Fortunately, David and his co-hosts at fan podcast Draw, Lose or Draw are charting a course through the unknown waters of the club’s current title tilt, board upheaval, and everything else.

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The Echo and the Thunder

The final member of the Puro Pourri Podcast triumvirate, Daniel Baker also hosts a podcast of deep dives into the history of Irish republicanism with special guests from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Dan’s passion shines through every time.

Listen and read more at Substack

Jags for Good

Thistle fans seem like a lovely bunch. This collective are busy supporting their community with everything from free tickets for asylum seekers to food banks and energy top-ups – directing resources straight to local people who need them.

Donate to Jags for Good or follow on Twitter

David’s Bandcamps

David refers to this as “terrible noise music”, so make of that what you will. Fastbuck is home to the joshi-based (and therefore best) project Thirteen Japanese Birds, among others, while experimental project BolixAndxWaddle is continuing its bootleg world tour.

Fastbuck on Bandcamp

BolixAndxWaddle on Bandcamp

Must See Matches

Mark Buckledee and Kieran Lefort are watching 100 matches that were nominated as ‘must see’ by wrestling Twitter. Some classic joshi matches are on the list – with Sarah guesting to explain who everyone is – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Women Love Wrestling

A collection of essays by and about women who love wrestling, including one Sarah Parkin. Proceeds from the sale go to RAINN in the US and Women’s Aid in the UK. Endorsed by Mick Foley.

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The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan

Statto’s magnum opus – until the second novel comes out, at least – is the story of a young man who falls in love with the wrestling industry in post-war Japan until he finally gets to meet his hero, the legendary Rikidozan.

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Marshmallow Bomb

Reviews, recommendations and essays from lucha to joshi, and Statto’s recent study of the wrestling references in Salman Rushdie’s novels. This is an essential Substack for anyone who wants to expand their wrestling mind.

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George’s Twitch stream

After a break where he punished himself with a really hard mod of Pokemon Emerald, George is back to using his Twitch streams to brush up on Japanese tile game mahjong before his next tournament date. Tune in every Thursday at 8pm.

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