The Puro Pourri Podcast Episode 2 – David’s First Puro Match

Ever wanted to find out more about Japanese pro wrestling (puroresu) in all its variety and glory? Of course you have! Join Daniel, George and David for an irreverent look at the good, bad, ugly and bizarre of Japan’s greatest cultural export.

Episode 2 sees us look at David’s first ever Puroresu match, the phantasmagorically brutal No Rope Electrified Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Combat Toyoda and Megumi Kudo from FMW which also doubled as Combat Toyoda’s retirement match.

Listen to us set the world to rights about how Deathmatches should be booked (Spoiler: THEY SHOULD BE BOOKED LIKE THIS MATCH) and wax lyrical about this groundbreaking Women’s match nearly 20 years before the Divas’ Revolution.

Also, here is a link to the amazing “Sunburn match” mentioned in the podcast. Fast forward to 27:00 to find it:

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