Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 4 Show Notes

Where to watch

These are relatively short matches near the beginning of the full-length show on Youtube.

Chaparita Asari and Bomber Hikari vs Hiromi Sugo and Hiroumi Yaki: 29:10

Suzuka Minami vs KAORU: 1:12:15

Where to start with GAEA

GAEA was the first promotion founded by Chigusa Nagayo in her “I’ll show you a bloody retirement” phase – which, to be fair, has continued to this day. That said, the company earned a reputation for the tough conditions its trainees had to endure, and we can only hope Chig has chilled out a bit since she founded Marvelous.

The 2000 documentary GAEA Girls is on Youtube and will give you an idea of what it was like.

Watch on Youtube

Chaparita Asari and the Skytwister Press

In the episode we talk about discovering Chaparita Asari through a five-minute squash match on WWF RAW in which Aja Kong obliterates her, but she gets just enough good spots in that she leaves you wanting more.

Among the cool moves Asari invented is the Skytwister Press, which has been nicked by many people including Charlotte Flair. Who wore it best?

Joshi Link Exchange

Here’s a place where we can all swap links to interviews, match recommendations, podcasts and everything else to share and learn more about our beloved joshi. What else should joshi fans know about?

Joshi Link Exchange

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Draw, Lose or Draw

David loves Partick Thistle and is regularly punished for being a Jags fan. This podcast celebrates the joys of well-meaning but ultimately slightly rubbish football.

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Hand Loom Lament

The third head of the Puro Pourri Cerberus is Daniel Baker. Here’s some of his music, including The Four Corners of Heaven by Stan Hansen and The Lariats just to keep things topical.

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Women Love Wrestling

Writing by and about women who love wrestling, including my essay ‘Women Have Always Been Wrestling Fans’. Proceeds from sales go to RAINN in the US and Women’s Aid in the UK, and everyone else in the book is way more interesting than I am so it’s well worth your time. Get on Amazon

The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan: A Novel in Seventeen Matches

George’s novel about a young man discovering the murky world of early puro and totally legitimate businessmen. Available in paperbook and ebook.

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