Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 2 Show Notes

Greetings grapple fans, and welcome to episode 2 of Big Egg Podcasting Universe. Here’s where you’ll find sources, shameless plugs and visual cues which illustrate the things we fail to communicate via audio.

Where to Watch

This week we focus on the opening ceremony and the lead into Big Egg. It’s a relatively short segment of the show as we have it, but you’ll find it at the start of the video. Watch on Youtube

When we get onto the matches we will not be tackling them in the order they appear on the card, so I’ll include timestamps for each one we’re covering in the notes.

Joshi Link Exchange

After episode 1 I set up a place where we can all swap links, match recommendations, podcasts and everything else to share and learn more about our beloved joshi. 

You’ve sent in match recommendations, like Ayako Hamada vs KANA from Shimmer 50 (a belter), and links to very helpful resources like Joshi Puro Translations. Have a look and tell us what else you think joshi fans should know about.

Joshi Link Exchange

Submit your links


Alicia Fox’s Northern Lights Suplex

Akira Hokuto invented this move and Alicia Fox did a lovely version of it.

Get Into Curling

If you’ve got a bad word to say about Akira Hokuto, just take up fucking curling or something.

David Forrest

Here is your vital resource if you need to do as the man says.


The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan: A Novel in Seventeen Matches

George’s debut self-published novel about a young man discovering the murky world of early puro under the tutelage of Rikidozan.

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The first track you will come across when you click this link is called ‘Emptying the Spit Valves’. Listen to David’s noise music project.

Listen on Bandcamp

Women Love Wrestling

An anthology of essays on women’s wrestling and being a woman in wrestling, which Mick Actual Foley Himself has praised on the internet! All proceeds are going to RAINN in the USA and Women’s Aid in the UK.

Get on Amazon

Draw, Lose or Draw

David loves Partick Thistle, and he suffers for this every day. Listen to this podcast about the life of a Jags fan.

Listen on Soundcloud

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