Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 15 Show Notes

We’re done. With the fifteenth episode of Big Egg Podcasting Universe, we have finally analysed every match on the ten-hour, 24-match wrestling festival card as well as its wider place in the history of joshi and women’s wrestling as a whole.

Idols and rookies, junior champions and shootboxers, sexy builders and living legends: we thought we’d seen everything, until we asked you to book your own modern-day Big Eggs and things somehow got weirder. In the last show notes of the series, we tip our hat to some of the more obscure references from the episode.

Where to watch the whole damn show

Here, for the final time, in all of its 10-hour glory, is the full-length video of AJW Doumu Super Woman Great War – Big Egg Wrestling Universe


Although it doesn’t appear to be streaming anywhere in the UK or US at the moment, 2021 documentary Luchadoras is well worth the effort to track down if you can. It follows the in-ring and at-home challenges faced by four women who are full or part-time wrestlers in Juarez, Mexico, including Mini Sirenita.

Women’s amateur wrestling in India

India’s amateur wrestling scene for women means it would be genuinely possible to put a grappling exhibition in this spot and stay true to the spirit of the first Big Egg. Sakshi Malik vs Divya Kakran could feasibly be booked – and they really do both work for Indian Railways!

Ring Ka King

TNA-led wrestling show Ring Ka King had a brief run in 2012 before being cancelled for low ratings. Even so, it was pulling in around 10 million viewers, thanks in part to a feud between Jeff Jarrett and cricketing hero Harbhajan Singh. Jarrett talks about the angle on his podcast My World.

Angaar TV

Potentially renamed to avoid the copyright-worrying reputation it was acquiring online, what is now Wrestling Reloaded was once Angaar TV – delightful backyard wrestling from a roster of Indian teenagers. They’ve done everything from re-using recordings of WWE commentary and entrance music to building their own Punjabi Prison. 

Alas, some of the classic videos we referenced in the episode seem to have gone forever, but check out the rest on the Youtube channel.

Go Gundan

If you were equally confused by David’s mention of the ‘Go Gundan’ show, it transpires that what he was actually talking about was Bridge of Dreams, a multi-promotional show run by Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine. It featured an offer match from the barmy Go Gundan promotion, which mostly involved its founder Ryuma Go fighting aliens. Truly, the forerunner of the likes of DDT. 

Sadly, Bridge of Dreams only exists on tape in unofficial versions, the only one of which was removed from Youtube a couple of years ago. For now, here’s Ryuma Go in simpler times, wrestling a different type of madman in Atsushi Onita.


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