Big Egg Podcasting Universe Episode 10: Show Notes

Where to Watch

Candy Okutsu (c) vs Rie Tamada (AJW Junior Championship)

Suzu Suzuki in ShuPro mobile

The extremely young and insanely talented Suzu Suzuki is a regular in Japanese wrestling magazines and others. Most don’t have official English-language translations, so here’s friend of the podcast @oystersearrings with some unofficial translations of Suzu’s ShuPro Mobile column.

For more background on Suzu and her rise to fame, here’s a translation of the article about her in ShuPro as one of the ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2020 from Joshi Puro Translations

Lineage of the Junior Championship

AJW’s Junior Championship was held by some of the company’s biggest future stars as well as people who came into their own after the company had disintegrated. Take a look at the lineage of the title on Cagematch. Note how many times it becomes vacant when the champion becomes too old or experienced for the division.

Candy Okutsu and the JWP Junior Championship

JWP set up a junior championship of its own a few months after Big Egg. Candy Okutsu became the first person to hold the belt, and it’s had an interesting history of its own, including a phenomenal amount of flexibility in its definition of ‘junior’. Looking at you, Kaori Yoneyama.

Future of Stardom Champion Saya Iida

God bless Gori-chan herself, Saya Iida. Although she was indeed the Future of Stardom champion at the time of recording, we have had a hiatus before actually publishing the episode which means that we are now on the fourth champion since Iida dropped the belt – but she reigns in our hearts as champion forever. 

Saya Iida: Gori-chan, because she is tiny and also a gorilla.

She is currently out with a cocktail of nasty knee injuries, but you can follow her on Twitter. Stardom is notoriously arsey about putting matches online for free but you can watch matches with a Stardom World subscription.

Lulu Pencil

As a friend of the podcast once said, “Everything is too hard for Lulu Pencil.” An actual freelance gaming journalist who came to wrestling training a bit later in life, her gimmick is completely unique as someone who is fundamentally terrible at pro wrestling. Finishers include tapping out to a submission that she was applying to her opponent. Here’s her debut match against Yuna Mizumori.

Since recording, Lulu has spent some time in America with Emi Sakura as she beds in with AEW. Somehow, she’s ended up as an unofficial backstage interviewer and everyone seems to love her. Of course. Here she is giving a Pencil Army hat to CM Punk on his birthday.



Dana is translating everything from tweets to promos on modern-day joshi. Full details and an ongoing commentary on Stardom can be found on her blog but her Twitter account is a pretty damn good place to start – and well worth a follow even for the retweets of other great sources. (Note: none of us have met Dana – we just think this is a great resource.)

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