The Puro Pourri Podcast Episode 3 – Daniel’s First Puro Match

Ever wanted to find out more about Japanese pro wrestling (puroresu) in all its variety and glory? Of course you have! Join Daniel, George and David for an irreverent look at the good, bad, ugly and bizarre of Japan’s greatest cultural export.

Episode 3 sees the hosts looking at Daniel’s first Japanese wrestling match, as they review one of the hardest-hitting fights you’re ever likely to see outside of Friday night in Newcastle. On this episode we explore the answers to life’s mysteries, such as: What is Dan’s holy book and why does it have so many star ratings in its pages? Does the fact that George went to a school with a house cricket competition and an army cadet force explain his accent? Will the boys ever go more than one episode without reviewing a Kawada match? All this and more on the Puro Pourri Podcast!

And here’s the match if you fancy giving it a gander.

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Author: Statto

George Thompson, known to his friends as Statto, is one-third of the team that makes up The Puro Pourri Podcast. Following an initial grappling obsession, which ran between 2001 and 2005, he spent large amounts of his time at university distracting himself from work with wrestling, and a smaller number of hours coming up with excuses to discuss the sport in an academic context. He is currently halfway through a novel set in the world of Japanese wrestling after the Second World War, entitled "The Rise and Fall of Rikidōzan", and hopes to finish it sometime in 2017. His man-crush on Katsuyori Shibata continues unabated.

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