Big Egg Podcasting Universe: Episode 3 Show Notes

Where to watch

You can find the whole glorious 10-hour video of Big Egg Wrestling Universe on Youtube. Watch whole show


Chigusa Nagaya vs Reggie Bennett: 3:29:40 (Watch the match on its own)

Lioness Asuka & Yumi Ogura vs Jaguar Yokota & Bison Kimura: 4: 43:15 (Watch the match on its own)

The Rise of the Crush Gals

Chigusa and Asuka were huge popular culture stars and brought in huge new audiences to joshi as a result. Here’s one of their most famous pop singles.

Say Your Prayers and Take Your Vitamins with Reggie Bennett

Reggie Bennett’s mainstream notoriety came from this vitamin advert, which persuaded AJW to bring her in as a wrestler.

Blake’s 7 vs Logan’s Run

If, like David, you have ever confused these two very different things, please enjoy these handy primers.

Blake’s 7 on IMDB vs Logan’s Run trailer

Questions for listeners

On our journey through joshi it’s inevitable we’ll come across people and topics where we either couldn’t find much information or know you lot will help us out. The show notes for some episodes will include a few of our pleas for help that are mentioned in the episode.

  • Do you know anything about Yumi Ogura? What did she get up to during the years that are blank in her Cagematch record? Tell us more and we’ll shout you out when we discuss it in a future episode.

Joshi Link Exchange

Here’s a place where we can all swap links to interviews, match recommendations, podcasts and everything else to share and learn more about our beloved joshi. What else should joshi fans know about?

Joshi Link Exchange

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The Deep… Dive with Rich Fann

Sarah talks to Rich Fann on this PWTorch podcast about life as a women’s wrestling fan and the Women Love Wrestling anthology.

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Draw, Lose or Draw

David loves Partick Thistle, and he suffers for this every day. Listen to this podcast about the life of a Jags fan.

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Women Love Wrestling

Writing by and about women who love wrestling. Proceeds from sales go to RAINN in the US and Women’s Aid in the UK. Get on Amazon

The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan: A Novel in Seventeen Matches

George’s debut self-published novel about a young man discovering the murky world of early puro under the tutelage of Rikidozan.

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Twitter accounts

@PuroPodcast and @SarahParkin1 (this episode was clearly recorded in the Before Times when I could still complain about buses).

Author: Sarah Parkin

Sarah never really got over finding out that The Undertaker and Kane aren't really brothers. Now she spends her time telling anyone who will listen that Bull Nakano should be in the Hall of Fame. When she grows up, she wants to be Lita.

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