Big Egg Podcasting Universe Episode 11: Show Notes

Where To Watch

The Great Sasuke, Shiryu & Sato vs Super Delphin, Gran Naniwa & Ginsei Shinzaki

WWWA World Midgets Championship

Does this terminology feel as icky to you as it did to us? Yep? Thought so. Nevertheless, this was the name of the championship at the top of AJW’s minis division. There’s precious little English-language information out there, but here’s what Wikipedia can tell us about the lineage of the title.

WeeLC: El Torito vs Hornswoggle, WWE Extreme Rules 2014

This is probably the best-known example of minis wrestling on English-language TV in at least a decade. El Torito (known as Mascarita Dorada in his native Mexico) and Hornswoggle, two wrestlers who hadn’t exactly always had their pick of angles, matches or other opportunities in the Fed, had the match of the night on the pre-show of this pay-per-view from which every other match has been forgotten.

Minis in Mexico

Mexico is the territory that has traditionally had the biggest and most established minis divisions. This match is from 1994, demonstrating the type of minis wrestling that was being practiced and popular with fans on the other side of the Pacific around the time of Big Egg.

Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito & Micro Konnan vs Espectrito, Jerrito Estrada & La Parkita

Minis Wrestling Today

You can still find the best-known and most popular minis wrestling in Mexico and Mascarita Sagrada has ascended to legendary status. Here’s a match of his from last year (aged 56) against Mini Dark Fusion.

Michinoku Pro ‘These Days’, 10 October 1996

Never expect Michinoku Pro to make sense. Certainly, do not expect it to make sense during this third anniversary show, which includes the 10-man tag match we rave about so much and for some reason, a World of Sport-type match which was billed as the retirement match of one Johnny Saint.

Gran Naniwa in ECW

As you’ll hear in this episode, David loves Gran Naniwa. Like, he loves Gran Naniwa. Here’s one of the matches Naniwa had against Gran Hamada during their sporadic appearances in ECW in 1998, winning over a crowd that was definitely not expecting a crab man.


Raith Rovers Controversy – Donate to Rape Crisis Scotland

David explains the back story at the end of the episode, but here’s a way in if you want to know more. If you can, please consider chucking in a few quid to a charity that does so much valuable work. Donate now

Women Love Wrestling

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Dana is translating everything from tweets to promos on modern-day joshi. You’ll find loads of Stardom analysis and a huge bank of information on their blog, but their Twitter account is well worth a follow too. (Note: we don’t know Dana – we just think this is a great resource for people who are as interested in joshi as we are.)

The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan: A Novel in Seventeen Matches

George’s novel about a young purophile (that’s a word, right?) discovering that the early years of the Japanese wrestling scene may not be entirely legit. Available in paperbook and ebook.

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Ramblings About Wrestling

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100 Greatest Literary Detectives

A book that does exactly what it says on the tin, including George’s essay on Jasper Fforde’s novels. Get on Amazon

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So Hormonal

Hormones affect all of us, but nobody’s experience is the same. This great essay collection explores the personal experiences of people and their hormones, including podcast friend Lj Gray. Buy direct from Monstrous Regiment Publishing

Hand Loom Lament

Daniel Baker, the third point of the Puro Pourri Podcast triangle, has his own mad music projects including The Volk Han and Stan Hansen and The Lariats. Listen on Bandcamp


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